Clare Rootes

Diets were out of the question, don’t diet, have never dieted and will never diet (even now!), so exercise it was. Tried numerous activities, swimming, box fit, aqua, aerobics, kettle bells, Power Plates, it goes on but nothing was shifting the extra weight and in honesty I found them quite boring, leading to a further 12 months of failed weight loss. Drastic action was needed!!

Having seen a friend of mine lose a considerable amount of weight, I asked what she was doing ‘Bootcamp’ she said. Interested, but sceptical thinking it was just an aerobics class with a trendy Americanized title, I asked ‘so what do you do at boot camp?’, ‘it’s really hard, but so much fun’, she went on to describe some of the exercises and then …... ‘we always start with a run’ …………at which point my head started with all the excuses I could think of for not joining right now……Connor wasn’t sleeping, I don’t have the time, the classes are a bit late for me, I’m not fit enough, I don’t have the right trainers for running (yes really!)!!!! Letting this go on for a further 6 months or so and finally running out of poor excuses, I decided to bite the bullet and I bought my very first pair or running trainers.

So my first session went as well as can be expected, (well, no body laughed anyway!) and although I wasn’t even close to the others fitness levels everyone was really encouraging and welcoming, and what I noticed more than anything is nobody stood there and judged me, so even though I couldn’t run a quarter of a mile without feeling like my throat was on fire, I thought I’d stick at it and give it the full 6 weeks at least which would see me nicely up to Christmas.

Since then I have never looked back, I’m now back the weight I was when I got married over 10 years ago, I take myself out for 6 mile runs (without needing a hand on my back!) I feel stronger, healthier, fitter, happier and more importantly I am me again, I have found my identity that I lost on becoming a mum. I got myself so wrapped up in being a mum I forgot how to be me. So all it leaves me to say is ‘watch out, cos I’m back and I’m ready, are you?’

So why did it work, when everything else failed………..the buzz and enthusiasm, the variation of training, the butterflies in the tummy before each session, the not knowing what to expect, the people and most of all having seriously dedicated instructor, who genuinely wants to help everybody achieve their goals and has the balance just right between getting the most out of someone and breaking personal boundaries without breaking the person (most of the time!).

So why do I still go if I have achieved my weight loss……..because I enjoy it, I’ve been bitten by the bootcamp bug!! Any regrets?........only that I didn’t do this sooner.

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